“Road to NPSP” Intro Post

Salesforce is an amazing tool. It’s pushed the boundary of what people can expect from a CRM and been an amazing titan of a player in the CRM marketplace.

Until very recently, Blackbaud’s Raiser’sEdge (RE) was the defacto standard for nonprofits. Many mature nonprofits had 20+ years of RE data. They never had a dedicated ‘administrator’ for RE – it was usually someone in the development department who was making changes for the now. This can lead to all sorts of data quality management issues (another topic in and of itself). My organization made the decision 18+ months ago to move from RE to NPSP. I am going to try to share our experience and process, lessons learned, and takeaways/solutions to obstacles along the way. Hopefully there will be a nugget of info in this series that will assist another nonprofit on their journey. Look for the “Road to NPSP” category here.

Here are the quick stats on our org :

2 Full time IT people

6 Locations

10 Development Staff

4 Other departments’ data and business process onboarding

3 Integrations with other pieces of software

1 Consulting firm

0 Internal existing experience with Salesforce

2 Membership track options

2 Sets of Membership Benefits