PGHVMUG Usercon – BIG #PGHLittleHack

The #PGHLittleHackers are hosting a BIG hack event on May 22, 2019. Starting at 6:00 pm the night before the Pittsburgh VMUG UserCon, we will be hosting the first BIG #PGHLittleHack.

We have had some success with #PGHLittleHack as a consistent meet up for the VMware User community in Pittsburgh, so we wanted to take the opportunity to host a larger audience. Success to me means new friendships, engagement on social media between colleagues, opportunities to teach and learn have increased. We appreciate the contribution from each and every person, who has had an opportunity to join us on our regular recurring Monday meetup. I personally have seen members grow into #vExperts, presenters, and community leaders. It’s not pride that I feel when I see these accomplishments, it’s more affirmation. This city and the surrounding area houses some of the best technologists that I have ever had the pleasure to know. This group has just given them space and a voice to stretch and grow. We welcome any new faces because I know there are a lot more of you out there. Based on the larger communities excitement to learn, collaborate, and grow, we felt that the day before the Pittsburgh VMUG UserCon was a perfect time for you to make some new friends and hang out with some old friends.

Event Details

When: May 22, 2019, at 6 pm (the night before the Pittsburgh VMUG UserCon)

Location: 12 Stanwix St, Pittsburgh PA 15222 The co-working space beside the lobby area.

Plan to attend? To sign up, just hit us up on Twitter using the #PGHLittleHack hashtag and let us know you’re coming. If you’re building a team, let us know and we’ll make sure there’s a table for you (with space for others to join you, of course). All attendees will need a laptop.

What is this event?
This is a team based event. Each team will work to complete tasks, that you will find out about when the event begins. Since some of the more complex tasks, may require a shared working environment, team-leaders can bring additional items for their team to specifically work on. If you have some gear and are willing to share it with teams that are unable to bring their own, you can. For example, @arielsanchezmora will be toting his 64GB NUC with local storage, an SDN switch, and a Raspberry Pi for anyone to use. If you want to play with public APIs there will be wireless internet access. As we get more event details, we will post updates at

Tips for attendees

Parking and Location Tips:
This location is a co-working space, located in downtown Pittsburgh. Since the Food (Pizza) and Drink (Beer) will be provided by @pghvmug and parking downtown can be a PITA, we recommend using your preferred ride-sharing service or carpool with others that are planning to attend.

What to bring:
If you have specific preferences for food and drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), you are welcome to bring your own. You will need a laptop. This will be used to complete the tasks, so be sure to bring one. You are not limited to bring only a laptop, you can bring whatever you think your team will need. Although spectators are welcome, we hope that you will join a team and get involved. There will be things that everyone can complete to help their team to VICTORY. We will have some small prizes for the participants and victors.