#PGHLittleHack – June 2019

As we bid farewell to our old space, it’s been such a pleasure to have others in the #vCommunity offer up their time and space to help us continue our regular meetups. This month’s #PGHLittleHack will be hosted @Expedient. @iamjohnwhite offered to set us up with a space for our little group. As if that wasn’t enough, he has also offered up a rare opportunity to play with a 3D printer. I have included the location details, how to gain access, start and end time below.

Date and Time:
June 10, 2019, at 6:00 PM until …

Location Details
1 Allegheny Center Mall
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Please enter Gate 4 of the garage. This entrance is directly up from PNC Park. It’s the first left as soon as you merge from Federal Street onto South Commons.

As a reminder, this is an event in which all are welcome. Everyone in this community provides value. Since the agenda is open on purpose, please bring anything you want to fill the time. Feel free to bring presentations that you want to get some run time on. I love to learn about new stuff, and different ways to attack old problems. If you are having problems with an implementation or a tough time getting through a particular issue, let’s discuss it. If you are playing with new tools, please share your experience. As a bonus, this is the first #PGHLittleHack for @lauriepcapo. Don’t get me in trouble y’all. 🙂

We will order pizza once everyone makes it through the entrance. This is a BYOB event, so if you have a particular tasty beverage that you want to drink, please bring it for yourself and maybe one or two to share. Our host has also offered up some hacking snacks like chips and soda. I hope to see all the old faces and some new.