Event Registrations in Salesforce with Linvio/Oppsync

If you’ve used Oppsync, you know that there really isn’t any logic built into the field sync. Either it syncs 1 to 1 or it doesn’t. So – that being said: We run alot of event registrations out of Linvio but we also run Donations. So I needed a way to change the default (majority) of the opportunity record type from donation to event for the small percentage that do qualify. Here’s my solution.

Create a Linvio Payment record formula field called “Is Event” – checkbox type. Then the formula is:

IF(BEGINS(Name, "Event Registration:"), TRUE, FALSE)

So! Now we have a hidden checkbox that is only updated when it’s an event registration. That syncs to the opportunity via the OppSync manager – where you create the same checkbox on the opportunity (without the formula) and sync it between the two using the OppSync configuration tool.

Then we will create a workflow rule:

(Opportunity: Is Event EQUALS True) AND (Opportunity: Opportunity Record Type NOT EQUAL TO Events) 

Change Opportunity Record Type to event and done!